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Chris Giffin

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It is in my nature to seek the unusual and find amusement in the discarded.  I am seduced by the forms and surfaces of found objects.  They enchant me with their elusive histories and the memories they induce.

In my voice I claim responsibility to communicate my aesthetics, to give my life balance among discarded and displaced materials, to take measure and find order, and in the end, the mysterious beauty of an object may be recycled again and again…

Process Statement:

All of my one of a kind work is constructed from recycled materials and found objects.  I use a cold construction method, assembling all my pieces with nuts and bolts, wire, nails, etc.

The ingredients in each piece I make are chosen for their beauty, mystery or whimsical spirit.  The patina and aging of these parts is essentially the palette I have to work with.  The stories in these old found objects come together to form a new community in each piece of work and a new story is told.

Chris was recently featured on Oregon Art Beat, a service of OPB.