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David Campbell

Posted on by Lindsay

David Campbell

I have been an inveterate drawer from the beginnings of my time…

Thanks to my parents I was encouraged to do this.

I have had further encouragement from three teachers:

Clarence Bates, my high-school art teacher;

Elden Humphrey, the Corvallis sign painter, for whom I worked as an apprentice while in high school;

Max Nixon, mentor and colleague at the U of O, who first gave me the idea to stop avoiding being a painter.

I am also thankful to my employer through most of 25 years, John Brombaugh, for giving me the opportunity to design and carve ornaments for the pipe organs that he designed and I helped build in his Glenwood shop.

My goal from now on is to continue this curtailment of avoidance of painting and in doing so produce something of value and high quality.