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Ingrid Bathe

Posted on by Lindsay

Ingrid Bathe in her Studio

About Ingrid Bathe: I live and work in mid-coast Maine.  My studio is 25 feet from my house.  Production has slowed a bit since December 2009, when my daughter was born but I continue to make work in the evenings as well as the weekends.  I grew up in the Boston area and the lifestyle I maintain in Maine is conducive to my art making.  Edgecomb is a small town with no city center just a town hall.  We are surrounded by farmed fields and preserved natural areas.  My home was previously owned by an avid perennial gardener.  We have fruit trees and a vegetable garden as well as eight chickens.  The tempo of the long quiet winters and the radiant quick moving summers creates a balance that complements my temperament.

Ingrid Bathe on her process: Thoughtfulness is evident in the way I handle clay and necessary when viewing or handling my work.  The methods I employ when constructing my work are integral to the final presentation. The repetitive nature of pinching and coiling, allow for meditation during creation.  I skillfully employ basic, traditional methods of hand building to emphasize the scope of possibility within the medium.  By making objects out of a fragile and precious material, I expect the delicate nature of the work to provoke a heightened awareness and sensitivity on the part of the viewer.  By paying attention to and finding beauty in simple acts, I ask the viewer to reconsider the role and function of these activities and objects as I beautify and memorialize them as artwork.