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Jeff White

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Within nature there are forceful, intelligent elements that coexist beside and in spite of humanity. They can not be reasoned with or controlled and have always survived and outlived mankind. Mystically, they often mirror man’s own walk through life.

Throughout life’s spiritual journey, we encounter rivers, valleys, shadows, daybreaks, storms and beautiful clearings. We face horizons that move us from a calm serenity through turbulent storms only to return back to a peaceful state with a deeper understanding of ourselves.

My paintings reflect these moments as expressed by nature. I attempt to convey a resonance of the paradoxical relationship between the external and internal forces. My work represents a spiritual journey and the balance found in the harmonies I see between the environment and man as a voyeur passing through time. Using oil and pastels, I focus on capturing the colors, shapes and moods of the land and the sky. I use thin glazes and layers of transparent pigments to emulate the atmospheric conditions that exist in the natural world. Much of my inspiration comes from the Columbia Gorge and the Northwest coastal regions, mountains and rivers.

Jeff was featured on Oregon Art Beat, a service of OPB