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Paul Gentry

Posted on by Lindsay

Paul Gentry in his studio

As an artist, wood block printmaking is my passion. I enjoy the physical nature of cutting a design into a block of wood and the power and clarity of the final printed image. It’s always a thrill to pull a sparkling impression from a freshly inked block. There are two basic ways to make prints from wood blocks. Woodcuts are made by cutting a design on the face of a board, parallel to the wood grain, using conventional carving tools such as knives and gouges. Wood Engravings are made on blocks fabricated from end-grain hardwood, using engraving tools (burins and gravers) which produce much finer marks. I continue to work with both techniques, following a tradition of realistic printmaking that was popular in America during the 1930’s and early 40’s, the so called “Regionlist” or “American Scene” period. I am inspired by the classical vision and draftsmanship of these artists.