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About Jack

Jack is a web designer/developer with Blue Hat Design in Eugene. He is responsible for the design of the OPUS VII web site.

Sally Dietrich

Artistic Director

Kaz Oveissi

Executive Director of OPUS VII OPUS VII is the result of Kaz’s commitment to engage in meaningful projects that will help build a vibrant, prosperous, and beautiful community.  A graduate of the University of Oregon with a doctorate in Telecommunications … More…

Diane Weck

Director of Gallery Operations

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Sarah Hood Iconology

Iconology is based on ancient Eastern design.  Where my collectible jewelry is sometimes conceptual and fragile, these pieces are tangible and tactile.  I have tried to create wearable work that is simple and accessible, but that also references my conceptual … More…

Lori Mason Quilts

My passion for quilting is about people—the evocative stories told by quilts and the personal relationships pieced through the fabric.  I cherish these connections as well as the beauty that emerges through the patterns in the cloth.  I aim to … More…

Sarah Hood – Arbor Collection

My Arbor collection highlights the stark silhouette of nearly bare sterling silver and 24k gold trees.  Each piece is ultimately wearable, but still covetable and collectible, the perfect combination.  These pieces speak to my love of the natural but somehow … More…

Steve Eichenberger Crows

Since boyhood I’ve explored far flung corners of the Pacific Northwest, and wherever I’ve gone I’ve enjoyed the company of crows and ravens.  My favorites are the big handsome ones that strut self-importantly about, full of bright-eyed curiosity.  They look … More…


OPUS VII opens its doors to the public Tuesday, August 31, 2010. Please join us in celebrating during the next First Friday on September 3rd.