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Designing Sound: A Visual Exploration into Sound and Music

Posted on by Lindsay

OPUS VII announces the opening of their new exhibit, “Designing Sound: A Visual Exploration Into Sound and Music”.

Friday, July 1, 5:30-9:00pm, free to the public, all ages welcome!

Each of the sixteen diverse artists participating in this special exhibit contemplates the production of sound in some way to complete their work. One of the artists, David Gusset, crafts exquisite violins, violas and cellos for creating classical, jazz and traditional folk music, while others, such as Graphic Designer Steven Weeks, embody the youthful spirit of music with rock ‘n roll poster designs.

Exhibit creator, Cindy Ingram, Director of Membership and Events at OPUS VII, has a knack for bringing people together who share common interests yet express these inspirations in incredibly different ways. “I expect visitors to find surprises around each corner. Expect strange and delightful sounds coming from works of art, visual explanation of how sound is bent and transformed–there’s even a piece exposing the personal experience of musical creativity. Eugene has never seen anything like this before.”

Accomplished acoustician, Art Noxon, has created an experience akin to a science museum exhibit within the OPUS VII gallery to help art lovers understand the invisible reality of echoes and sound reflection by asking visitors to bounce sound off of targets placed along the wall. “We all understand echoes. What we don’t understand is the echoes between the echoes. It’s beautiful and mysterious when you think about it,” says Noxon.

The opening event will give gallery visitors an opportunity to meet exhibitors and enjoy the gallery during Eugene’s First Friday Art Walk.

Exhibit Contributors Include:

  • Billy Barnett – Sonic Landscaping; sound design in the recording studio
  • John Brombaugh – Master Pipe Organ Builder
  • Devi Ever and John Fenn – Deviation: the sonic design-build of Devi Ever
  • Brad Garner, John Park, and Jeremy Schropp – Liaise
  • David Gusset – D’Amati Code: Uncovering the Secret Principles of Violin Design
  • Don Haugen – New Rage Ambient Metal Music Machine
  • Seth Reid Kimmel – Bassic Progression
  • Brian McWhorter – The Extractorama
  • Robert Mertens – Splicing
  • Steve Mosher – Sound Composites Carbon Graphite Stringed Instruments
  • Ralph Novak – Signal Chain
  • Art Noxon – Inside the World of Sound Fusion
  • Steven Weeks – Honky-Tonk Letterpress

Special thanks to:

  • Cindy Ingram (Exhibit Curator)
  • Ruxton Schuh (Exhibit Technical Director)
  • KWVA