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Opening of “AIA 22nd Annual People’s Choice Award for Architecture” and “The City”

Posted on by Lindsay

OPUS VII announces the opening of their new exhibits during the September 2nd First Friday Art Walk, “The American Institute of Architects’ 22nd Annual People’s Choice Awards for Architecture”. Every year, local architects and landscape architects gather together their best work from the past year and present their displays at the center of the Eugene Celebration, inside Oveissi & Co. at Broadway & Willamette. Voting continues throughout the Eugene Celebration weekend (August 26-28). Then all the works will be displayed as a special exhibit at OPUS VII until mid-October. The AIA has also asked the mayor of Eugene to choose her own favorites. Finally, each member of the local chapters of the American Institute of Architects and the American Society of Landscape Architects are also encouraged to choose their favorite projects.

“The City” is a photo exhibit put together by Rowell Brokaw Architects, PC, a 15-person firm based in Eugene, Oregon.
Eugene is not an old city, but it already has many layers. It has been surprisingly dynamic in the decades since photographic records began. Stories and memories live on, and the locations of the streets have not changed, but the individual buildings and the streetscapes they form have changed in remarkable ways. The images, collected from public records at the University of Oregon, allow us to observe a dimension of time in city experience, focusing on a few of Eugene’s primary city streets.
Cities tell us about what matters in a culture, or a community, and what matters to individual people. What is not as obvious, what we don’t see, and what often fades quickly from memory, is what physically existed before and what has changed.

The opening of these 2 exhibits will take place during the First Friday Art Walk on September 2nd at 5:30pm. For questions, contact OPUS VII at 541-393-0743.