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Lori Mason Quilts

Posted on by Jack

My passion for quilting is about people—the evocative stories told by quilts and the personal relationships pieced through the fabric.  I cherish these connections as well as the beauty that emerges through the patterns in the cloth.  I aim to create a visual space in which people feel a sense of peace and a tactile form under which people can be comforted.

I feel there is a calming force in a repetitive pattern.  Creating a pattern is like singing a melody—it has a rhythm that goes on and on.  I am fueled by the slow, steady rhythm that is necessary to construct a pieced quilt or to design a textile print; I find the process intrinsically optimistic, and the outcome beautifully rich.

My recent return to designing printed fabrics in conjunction with my quilting practice has opened up a new level of design that is complex and cohesive.  I am suddenly able to fine-tune my decisions about color and the relationship between fabric patterns and quilt design.