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Terry McIlrath, Painter

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I was born in Michigan during World War II and I am the youngest of three boys. My favorite childhood drawings included everything from birds to the latest cars in Detroit. I remember taking art classes at the college while in grade school and being fascinated by an exhibition of Abstract Expressionism in the early 1950’s. In my room at home I had a large print of Cezanne’s “Card Players” and a print of Dali’s “A Persistence of Memory.” I visited the studio of John Coppin in a large converted stone barn near Detroit. His studio was filled with large nudes and portraits of formal executives. With the beginning of the Space Race I began to study science and math and in college I moved from chemistry to engineering and to industrial design which was in the Art Department. I finished my formal education with a Master  of Fine Arts degree from Michigan State University in 1967.

After graduation I taught art at Eastern Montana College for  8 years. I had three children, fell in love with Deborah Dailey and in 1975 we started New Star Studio. We spent the next ten years designing, manufacturing and marketing pewter metalwork and jewelry. In Oregon in 1985 we began collaborating on collages and working under the studio name Joule. During all this time I continued to paint with oils and acrylics and for the past several years I have devoted myself to painting full time.

Deborah and I continue to live in Eugene, Oregon. We have two sons and a cat.